alfa Video CC

alfa Video Contact Center is a platform providing a new, innovative channel of communication with a customer and allows a customer to have a direct contact with an agent by means of video or text chat.

According to our customers,  alfa Video Contact Center is an additional channel of communication with a customer,  especially such customer that is used to traditional methods of contact with an agent. Face to face contact increases customer’s confidence in an agent and solutions presented by him or her. Such method of communication provides also a possibility to get online help in solving problems as they arise, i.e. in the process of filling in the forms or applications. A consultant, with whom the customer has an online contact, is able to facilitate the process of making an order during the conversation through explaining problematic issues, answering additional questions or advising how to fill in particular fields in the form.

Calls carried out within alfa Video Contact Center are recorded therefore they may be analysed in order to increase knowledge about customer’s preferences and to make better assessment of agent’s work. Each contact through video channel is recorded in the history of contacts of a given customer. 

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New product of Alfavox is also an excellent tool for promotional purposes. Promotional materials are displayed to the customer  while he or she is waiting in a queue. Each person waiting for a connection with a consultant is informed about the position in a queue and anticipated time of connection. A customer has also a possibility to leave a callback request on the website.

These are only a few from a wide range of available functionalities.

alfa Video Contact Center does not require installation of any dedicated technological solutions, it operates based on the web browser only.  Application detects a type of connection and adjusts itself to the call parameters.  

alfa Video Contact Center platform provides also wide possibilities of further development, integration with the customer’s environment and extension of the range of available functionalities.

 Windows 10 Compatible