alfa Recorder

alfa Recorder call logging system is a reliable solution meeting the expectations of our customers.

Call recorder is an inevitable element of the company’s telecommunications infrastructure.  The tool enabling to verify the work of employees responsible for direct contact with the customers brings notable financial benefits to the company.   Only awareness of the possibility that conversation with the customer may be recorded and then used for assessment of the agent’s work has disciplinary effect on the agent. Use of call records in the sales process enables to reduce time and means used for manual completing of the documents needed for transaction to be made. In case of disputes such records enable to establish the facts unambiguously.  

Material recorded during operation of alfa Recorder may be used for training purposes. Records of both successful and unsuccessful conversations  constitute valuable material for increasing agents competences. Detailed analysis of conversation allows to define agent’s positive behaviour that is beneficial.

Basic functions of alfa Recorder system

  • Recording of both analogue and digital lines (PRI/E1)
  • Signalling detection on digital trunks
  • Saving information about a call: duration, date and time of commencement, interface, ANI and DNIS numbers, etc.
  • Possibility to search for calls  according to the above parameters
  • Creating reports including recording statistics  
  • System of entitlements – access to records for authorized users only
  • Archiving the records on external carriers
  • Possibility to uniformly administer several recording units
  • Possibility to integrate with other products of alfa-family
  • Possibility to integrate with third party systems and softwar.

Business advantages

  • Improved quality of customer care
  • Easier complaint procedure
  • Effective tool for verification of employees’ work 
  • Records database may be used for training purposes
  • Possibility to work independently from the possessed telecommunications systems.

Alfavox is a certified partner of Verint Systems Inc – world leader of sound and image recording and analysing.

Independently from alfa Recorder system, we offer  Verint ULTRA system equipped with the advanced business analysis system.

Windows 10 Compatible