alfa Contact Center

alfa Contact Center solution is a modern system providing professional customer care, free creation of business and gaining advantage over the competitors.

Effective and efficient customer care is a basic condition to be met in companies operating in the highly competitive environment. There are several methods of winning over new customers and providing support for current customers. Telephone call is still one of the basic and most effective way to get to the desired information. In some areas telephone call is almost the only tool used by the employees despite the development of new communication channels such as Internet. Making an effort to meet our customers? needs, Alfavox Sp. z o.o. offers advanced telecommunications platform called alfa Contact Center. Alfa Contact Center platform provides effective and reliable tool to handle the company?s telephone traffic in a complex and intelligent way. Supporting modules extend the system functionality with SMS, fax and e-mail handling.

Advantages of alfa Contact Center deployment in Customer service over the phone

  • Enhancing quality and efficiency of agents work. Through statistics, analyses and reports it is possible to verify the level of agents engagement in the customer service process. It results in increase of the quality management level and efficiency
  • Integrated call logging module - enables to analyse conversations between agents and customers and catch possible mistakes in communication with the customers as well as make decision on additional trainings for agents
  • Increase of customer satisfaction - agent/consultant knows the customers contact history, refers to the last conversation and discussed issues, knows current statuses of actions, knows about the customers needs
  • Agents application integrated with CRM, ERP and other back-office systems
  • Highlighting companys prestige - the customer recognizes the company as professional, confident and reliable
  • Appointing a unit responsible for contacts with the customers - infoline available under a special telephone number, functioning as a heart of communication between the company and the customers, through performing all the complex tasks without a necessity to transfer the customers call to different departments of the company to find a person competent to provide help to the customer
  • Automated customer identification and customer care - in the automated IVR system the customer can find personalized information dedicated especially to him/her and related for instance to the status of his/her last orders
  • Integration of agents application with internal systems - a set of information about the customer is made available in agents application. It ensures satisfactory and professional customer service as well as provides possibility to complete information necessary to accomplish a given action.

Basic functions of alfa Contact Center platform

  • Operates in both inbound and outbound modes
  • Different operations modes alfa Contact Center in outbound mode:
    • Preview
    • Progressive
    • Predictive
  • Implemented advanced algorithms of call distribution to different queues (Automatic Call Distribution)
  • Skill-based routing
  • Integrated Interactive Voice Response module
  • Interaction of IVR and ACD modules
  • Support for text-to-speech (TTS) and speech recognition (ASR)
  • Agent?s application provides basic information about the currently calling customer
  • Scripts that standardize the course of conversations
  • Possibility to control the call by the agent:
    • call transfer to another number
    • consultancy
    • post-consultancy transfer
    • conference
    • hold
  • Supervisor application to monitor and verify agents work
  • Implemented chat module for communication of agents and supervisors
  • Available extended reporting module (on-line statistics and historical reports, possibility to create report templates, possibility to export data to popular formats: .XLS, .CSV, .DOC)
  • Extended system of entitlements with possibility to adjust supervisor application to the system requirements
  • Configuration of system parameters and options available for agents
  • Cooperation with majority of telephone exchanges (Alcatel, Avaya, Siemens, Ericsson, Nortel, Philips and other)
  • Possibility to cooperate with telephone exchanges without use of CTI link through E1 trunk
  • Support for Voice over IP
  • Built-in strictly integrated call logging system with API SDK option for integration of external call logging systems of third party providers
  • Built-in Voice Mail application for contact center
  • Possibility to extend contact center environment by third party companies
  • Available multi-level and advanced integration on the level of: API, URL, WSDL, Command Line.

Windows 10 Compatible